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Over 65 years of age and have an interesting sex life?

Today is your lucky day! The Mammalian Diving Reflex company, based in Toronto, Canada, are looking for people over 65 years of age who either have interesting sex lives, or want to share a story about their love life, on stage.

The production, ‘All the Sex I’ve Ever Had’ is a “Gripping, raw, heartbreaking and funny verbal tapestry” (as described by The ArtBlog).

The stage production will be showing during the Melbourne Festival during the 12 – 15 October 2017 at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.

“We want real people. No actors, writers or directors, just real people who want to share their stories about sex, love, heartbreak and all that stuff that happens in between,” explains Alice Fleming from Mammalian Diving ReflexLet’s face it, every generation thinks it invented sex. But your grandparents probably have stories that would set your jaw to dropping.So let’s hear them!

The production shows a group of people, over 65 in age, from the Melbourne community who reveal through high drama, low humour a life between the sheets. From firsts to lasts, life-changing lovers to forgettable duds, the collective roster of intimacy imparted here amounts to a sexual history of Melbourne as told by those who put in the hard yards.

In a culture that reserves sex for the young, this is a taboo-busting work making public the privates that rarely get their moment in the sun. More than a mere exercise in titillation, it cuts to the heart of the human need to connect, whatever our age may be.

If you’re interested in participating, please call Bec Reid on 04380 090 600 or email bec@becreid.net.au.

Successful applicants can expect a $600 honorarium, if they make it through to production and performance.

The deadline for casting has been extended. The first workshops will be held on the 19th & 20th of September, with the dress rehearsals and performance held on 11th of October. Please get in touch if you are interested in being involved!

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