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Working together for independent living for sons and daughters

Parent’s action to ensure their adult children with disability are well and truly comfortable in their own place to live, is seeing parents across the country investigating housing models on offer.

While some are purchasing properties for their children with disability, others are looking at innovative models to, not only offset costs, but find the best solution or choice, for their family member.

One such group is Valley Carers Accommodation, in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs.  The group have been working toward investigating various housing models, while raising awareness of the systemic issues around housing for people with disability and will hold a forum this month to discuss the options. Click here for more information

annecto CEO Estelle Fyffe says there won’t be one solution for all in the discussion around housing.

“We’re listening to what people want and are encouraging people to consider what is possible beyond what has been offered in the past.  Some people may want to live on their own and others might choose who they live with.  Our practice explores how we work together with housing and community planners to ensure individuals and their partners and families are accommodated in future developments. We’re working with groups such as the Valley Carers to build capability and confidence, and looking to the community to do more in this context.”

Michael van Wilgenburg has recently moved into this own place with a housemate.  He shares support with his housemate.

annecto’s Lisa Sulinski says Michael and his family are delighted with the arrangement.

“So much of our work is with people transitioning to their place to live. Once they are in their home, building up networks in the new community and reaching goals is so important for confidence.  It’s important for people of all abilities to have the opportunity to choose where and how they live.”

annecto’s Practice Consultant Lucy Murphy will be a guest speaker at the Valley Carer’s Accommodation Public Forum. Lucy will discuss models of support that enable people to have good lives.

The forum will be held on:

Wednesday 17 August 2016 at 7.30pm

Kellaway Neighbourhood Centre
5 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds

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