Friendship meets art, for the young at heart - Annecto

Friendship meets art, for the young at heart

Each week, a group of ten vibrant older women meet in Coburg to attend an annecto-supported art class.

The group was formed eight years ago as a way to engage older clients in a social group with a creative theme. annecto Support Worker, Annelisa, explained that the group’s activities are inspired by the Montessori Method.This creates a supportive environment for the classes, with an approach that values the human spirit and fosters physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

The group works on many art activities, especially colouring and drawing which are favourites, and sensory activities involving different textures and materials.The class is one of the highlights of the week for the members of the group. Leslie has been attending for five years and she said:

“I’ve made wonderful friendships here. Rosetta and Teresa, two Italian ladies, make jokes and sing songs from back home.They also show me what’s delicious to eat when our group goes to restaurants.”

For Olga, the group brings back fond memories of growing up on a farm in Europe. Each time the group meets, Olga entertains them with a childhood song. A picture of a rooster painted by annecto Support Worker, Feifei, rekindles the memories and encourages her to sing.