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What we offer

A place where every story matters

Benefits and recognition

Awards and rewards

We understand the importance of feeling valued, supported and included at your workplace.  

In addition to industry standard benefits such as career pathways, salary packaging options and a 24/7 employee support hotline, here are some of the ways we put our values into practice:

We know the best way to understand someone’s experience is to ask them.
We run regular focus groups and feedback sessions to learn what is most important to our staff.
This information is then used to inform our journey ahead, and ensure we are providing relevant and safe support.

We live by our values at Annecto, and work to create an inclusive environment for both our customers and staff.
We have multiple committees that acknowledge and address the varying needs and goals of different
minority groups. Committees include Pride
nnecto (LGBTQIA+ support) and First Peoples Engagement Committee (FPEC).

Annecto provides support for many different communities within Australia, allowing you the chance to work in different environments. This includes strong partnerships with First Nations organisations and communities.

Given the often individual nature of support work, we bring our staff together as a team as often as we can. Whether it’s a morning tea or social outing – we know how important it is to feel you belong.  

We also provide supervision both on an individual and group level, which can include coaching, mentoring and reflective practice. This supervision is designed to support, assure and develop knowledge, skills and values.  

We have awards at every Annual General Meeting to celebrate outstanding staff members who are going above and beyond. We are implementing systems for staff rewards and peer-to-peer nomination, with an expected rollout later this year. 

Career pathways

What we offer

We are passionate about investing in our staff and supporting them to develop their careers. Many staff at Annecto now work in completely different roles to the ones they started in. We encourage staff to pursue their interests and to take their career in the direction they want it to go.  

As an example, Shai started in the industry as a disability support worker. She then moved to Annecto as an administration assistant where she supported members of the executive team. After excelling in this role, she was promoted to an engagement and feedback specialist role. Shai really enjoys this work, where she implements change based off feedback from both staff and customers. She was able to progress to this stage of her career with support, mentorship and training from her managers. 

Learning and development

Your life. Your goals. What matters to you.

Our Learning Management System offers a centralised place where staff can learn about upcoming training sessions and enrol in organisation wide courses. Some of the unique learning opportunities available include:

This program is designed by Performance by Design, a leading mentorship organisation. It involves groups of 10 staff, all from different regions, departments and roles, working together on leadership and development goals.

We are always looking for ways to upskill and empower our staff. We offer various training opportunities, including a recent initiative between Annecto and major universities in Victoria. This traineeship allows participants to undertake a 12 month course, funded by Annecto, which grants them a Certificate IV Disability at completion.

We keep our staff updated with the latest research, data trends or survey findings relevant to our sector through workshops, discussion forums or lunchtime learns. Despite being optional, our lunchtime forums in particular always draw big numbers. We love to learn! 

  This training is offered to all staff, and provides an overview of the history of First Nations people from our Aboriginal liaison officer, a proud Yuwaalaraay/Gamilaroi woman. These sessions may include guest speakers from the Stolen Generations, and aim to educate staff on some of the social determinants and challenges that First Nations communities can face. This knowledge is especially important for our staff who work within these communities, so they can feel confident in their approach.
What we offer at annecto - We understand the importance of feeling valued, supported and included at your workplace.  
A training session for support workers in the Western and Grampians region

Diversity and inclusion

Not just good, but great people

At Annecto, we believe that every story matters. 

We live by our values. This is reflected by the people at Annecto.  

We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce who honour and celebrate difference. 

Cam – Working at Annecto as a person with a disability