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Who we are

Not for profit, we're here for you

Who we are

It all started in the 1950s, when a group of parents from the Western suburbs of Melbourne decided to follow their instincts rather than the social norms. While doctors recommended they place their children with disabilities in state-run institutions, they bravely chose to create a safe space of their own: and so David House was born.

These forward-thinking families raised money with weekly car boot sales until they eventually got enough funding to start a school. At David House, these children with disabilities were able to thrive and learn while staying connected to their community. This marked the very beginning of an innovative and daring journey for Annecto.

Over the years, Annecto has continued to grow and develop its services in aged care, leading the way with in-home services and independent living for people with high care, dementia care or complex disability support needs.

Today, Annecto works across multiple regions and states of Australia, including Victoria, NSW, Queensland and ACT.

We also partnered with the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) in 2013 and started working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities in NSW. 


Annecto supports not only the individual, but the community as a whole to be healthier, self-determining and more autonomous based on the original culture of that community.

Our values

Our vision
A society where everyone has the opportunity to live with equality and purpose.
Our purpose
Connecting individuals and communities to realise an inclusive society.
Our value proposition
Annecto works alongside you to stay connected to what’s important and live the life you want.

How we deliver our services

At Annecto, we believe that every story matters, we want to help you get what’s best for you. Following the four pillars of our practice framework, we find the best way to provide services personalised to you by listening to the needs and goals of the people we support, their families and their community.

The relationships we build are based on close collaboration and shared experiences between the individual, the community and our organisation. We listen, respect, and celebrate the human rights of all individuals and their choices, hopes and dreams.

Our principles

The principles we believe in and live by:

About Annecto - humanity logo - a blue round globe with dots going across in formation. There are seven lines coming out from the center of the globe connecting to other parts of the globe.


Every story matters, we will listen and work with you to celebrate your choices.



We will work collaboratively with you and your community.

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We will show up for you. When we say we'll do something, we do it.

Who we are - Emergence logo - Green dotted spiral that begins with a circle and has wavy lines coming out of the centre in all directions


We walk alongside you, helping you find a way to live your life, no matter how you grow.

Two women sit on a brick seat, there are cars and concrete posts blurred out in teh background. The two women are talking, not looking at the camera. The woman on the left has black ahir and glasses, she has a a spotted shirt and navy lpants. The woman on the right has black sunglasses, a white hajib and is wearing black clothes. She is leaning her hands on the a colourful walking cane. This image represents About Annecto and who we are.

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